Metroplex Lock-Up Procedure

1. Check with each company (Lens Flare TV, Three Arrows Media, Tracks and Layers, Salamanda Media, and Submarine Films) that you are last in the building.

2. Please make sure your office air-con is turned off, the lights are off and windows are shut and locked.

3. Turn off lights in break-out room on the first floor.

4. Turn off the drop lights above the stairwell.  The switch is at the top of the stairs by the women's toilets, and downstairs by the men's toilets.

5. The lights in the toilets, hallways and entrance by the front door are on sensors so these will turn off automatically.


6. You can either set the alarm using the keypad, or by using the ControlPlus app once you've left the building:

6a. If you're using the app then skip ahead to the next step.

6b. If you're using the keypad: key in your code.​  "Full Arm System" will be highlighted and press Enter when you're ready to lock-up.

7. Standing on the door side of the shutter, close the shutter using the key.  Keep the key turned until the shutter has reached the bottom and stopped automatically.

8. There are two locks on the front door, these use the same key.  It takes a bit of a wiggle on the door handle to line up the lock mechanism!

9. If you're using the app to set the alarm: once everything is locked-up, log into the ControlPlus app and press the Full Arm padlock to set the alarm.  The app will take a moment and will then change the status to "Full Armed".

10. Enjoy your evening!