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Lens Flare TV Ltd. Covid-19 Safe Working Policy

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Version 2.1

A PDF version of this document is available here.


It’s been a troubling time for our industry over the past few months but as we start to turn the corner and move towards making some great television, drama, and commercials we want to ensure that our kit and crews are providing you with the safest possible experience. We have introduced the following strict measures to keep our staff, customers and the wider public safe during this unprecedented time. The following has been written in accordance with Government and HSE guidelines as well as the joint TV Production Guidance.


As a company our first priority is to the safety of our staff. We have taken every measure to ensure a safe working environment. We have introduced the following measures:

  • We are currently operating on a reduced staff basis in order to minimise the number of staff on the premises. We will update this document when we are back up to full capacity

  • Any member of staff who has symptoms will be asked to remain home and self-isolate in accordance with government guidelines

  • We will ask any of our staff to remain at home for 14 days if they have a member of their household who has symptoms or has been contacted by the NHS Track and Trace

  • All staff are encouraged to regularly wash their hands

  • Face masks are available for all staff

  • Each member of staff has been issued with their own personal hand sanitiser

  • Staff have been trained on all of the new Covid-19 measures in this document


  • On entering the building in the morning all staff will have their temperature taken and logged. We will ask any member of staff who has an increased temperature to return home and self-isolate

  • All contact areas such as door handles, kitchen and bathroom facilities, computers and printers will be regularly sanitised throughout the day

  • The office and warehouse will be deep-cleaned at the end of each week

  • Our staff are assigned daily roles of prep and de-rig as well as other duties. Our staff will remain in these roles throughout the day to avoid any potential cross-contamination

  • There are numerous additional sanitiser stations throughout the premises

  • All staff are allocated a workstation which are more than two metres apart

  • We have introduced limitations on the number of staff in certain areas throughout the office and warehouse


  • We are aware that the virus may live on some surfaces for an extended period of time. In order to further mitigate this risk, where possible we will be leaving any equipment returned to us for at least 48 hours before it is handled

  • We have introduced a two-step process for the cleaning of all equipment returned to us. On initial return (after the quarantine period) kit will be wiped down and sanitised. Our techs will then perform our usual tech check and quality control. Once this has been completed equipment will be sanitised a second time before being returned to its flight case

  • When equipment has been completely sanitised, a label will be added to the handle of the case to show it is safe to use

  • As a company we have always maintained a rigorous cleaning process for all equipment on return. This will continue, with additional care taken on high contact areas eg. viewfinders and radio mics

  • We have also changed our normal cleaning products a ones containing 70% alcohol in order to further sanitise all equipment

  • All staff will wear gloves when handling equipment

  • All equipment will be provided with 70% alcohol wipes. We would encourage all customers to wipe down equipment prior to return


  • Currently, we will not be permitting any visitors inside the premises

  • All meetings will take place on conference or video calls


  • We are still operating our delivery and collection service

  • All drivers have been assigned vehicles

  • Please make us aware of exactly where you would like equipment to be delivered and provide us with contact details so our driver can call on arrival

  • Our staff are currently not permitted to enter any residential homes, offices, or studios (unless it has a loading bay)

  • Rental agreement notes will still need to be signed if an electronic copy hasn’t been signed in advance

  • Delivery notes will be sent as a PDF in advance


  • We are now accepting customer collections and returns where previously we were operating a delivery only service

  • For any customer collection or return we ask that you ring the buzzer on arrival, wait in the marked area and one of our staff will come to the front door

  • Please leave equipment on the floor for our staff to take into the building

  • For larger kit returns this will be done through the loading door adjacent

  • Rental agreement notes will still need to be signed if an electronic copy hasn’t been signed in advance

  • Delivery notes will be sent as a PDF in advance

  • Where it is necessary for couriers to collect equipment, our staff will load equipment onto their van, avoiding an additional person interacting with equipment. We would encourage all customers to then collect equipment and unload from the courier vehicle at the destination in order to complete this measure


  • All of our vehicles have been assigned to an individual member of staff and only they will be permitted to drive it

  • All vehicles contain 70% alcohol hand sanitiser, cleaning wipes, gloves and face-masks

  • Each vehicle will be cleaned and sanitised after every job

  • No members of staff will travel together in one vehicle until further notice


  • All jobs where we supply members of crew will follow the same strict measures listed above

  • All equipment will be deep-cleaned and sanitised before/after shoots

  • PPE is available to any member of crew we supply

  • Additional risk assessments are available on request

  • We can also book in replacement stand-by crew if required

We welcome any feedback or suggestions to our policies at this challenging time. If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch with us via the details below, or call the office on 0161 425 0071.

Thank you.

Steven Spence Simon Makin

Company Director Company Director



TV Production Guidance: Managing the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in production making

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