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Ninja Warrior UK Returns

We're pleased to announce we have been asked by Potato to facilitate the backstage areas of the UK's best known physical competition, due for TX in Autumn 2017.  Lens Flare TV will once again be providing a four camera backstage studio, with cameras, lighting, crew and a small production gallery.  Further to this, we will be providing two additional staging areas with green-screen setups and lighting, as well as two Sony FS7 shooting kits for production.

Already a smash hit in the USA, Sweden, Malaysia and Japan, Ninja Warrior UK will be hosted by Ben Shephard, Rochelle Humes and Chris Kamara.  This brand new entertainment series is the ultimate test of strength, speed and courage.  Viewers will watch contestants pushed to their limits as they compete to complete TV’s toughest challenge.

In previous years, we have provided our Sony F800s to the show, however this year we will be providing 4 x Sony PMW-F5s with Canon CN7 lenses to the main backstage studio, and 2 x Sony PXW-FS7s to the green screen studios.

In addition to the studio production, or series 4 we were also very pleased to be asked by Potato to provide three full Sony FS7 shooting kits to production for the back stories spanning over 6 weeks.  These kits included three-lens Canon EF kit, as well as radio mics and our brand new 1.2m sliders.

250 ambitious competitors will start but few will successfully overcome the toughest obstacle course ever seen on British Television.  Can any survive to the end to face the vertical challenge of scaling the heights of an impressive scaling tower named, Mount Midoriyama, and be crowned the first 'Ninja Warrior UK'?  Our team at Lens Flare TV are excited to be back for the most thrilling competition on TV.

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