The Ronin 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Stabiliser from DJI is a camera stabilisation system designed to give the operator close to the freedom of unencumbered handheld shooting but without the hand-shake. Suitable for most camera types and configurations up to 7.2KG, Ronin uses brushless motors that work on three axes: one for side-to-side "roll" - keeping the horizon level - one for tilt, and one for pan.


Our Ronin comes complete with DJI extension arms, allowing  you to use the Sony F55, F55 and FS7.


The kit also comes with an external remote control, allowing a second operator to move the pan and tilt head.


Avoid the hassle of a lengthy setup on a shoot; our Ronin can be setup by us in advance at our warehouse for whichever camera and lens combination you'll be using.

DJI Ronin Gimbal