Lens Flare TV is a full-service broadcast rental and crewing company.  We supply equipment, crews, drone and complete technical project management to broadcast, commercial, online and branded content productions.

No one wants the headache of being let down by their kit.  We pride ourselves in providing top-of-the-line equipment and expert technicians who maintain a service kit before every single job.  No two TV shows are the same, and we want to work with you right from the start to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

From some of the UKs biggest TV shows to independent music videos, we’ve got the kit that’s right for you.  Just get in touch with our team to chat about your next production.

About the Owners

Lens Flare TV is owned and run by two working cameramen. We don’t just sit behind a desk and hire out kit. We’re out in the sun, rain and snow all year round so we know what it takes to make a programme. After years of working together on location-based multi-cam shows, Simon and Steve decided to set up the company with an aim of providing perfect kit for crews, both camera ops and PDs alike.  We’ve all been there, a lens gets added last minute and you get to location and realise it won’t work with your camera because you don’t have the right lens mount.  At Lens Flare TV we think about every lens adapter, card reader and rain cover.  From every charged battery to extension lead – no detail left out, and no one left in the lurch!

Simon Makin

Company Director Director of Photography

Steven Spence

Company Director Lighting Cameraman

The Team

Some of the best training for prepping a hire kit comes from the experience of filming on location.  That’s why we make sure all of our team spends time on shoots as well as in the office.  We don’t just scan barcodes and allocate assets – we prep, build and test every bit of kit before it leaves us.

Simon Makin

Director of Photography

Steven Spence

Lighting Cameraman

Djamila Moylan

Camera Assistant

Ethan Lloyd

Camera Assistant

David Alexander

Camera Assistant

Daniel Spencer-Purvis

Resources Manager

Estelle Speers

Bookings Co-ordinator

Joe Keech

Camera Operator

Latest Work

Motorway Cops

Purple Productions / Channel 5

The Voice UK 2023

ITV Studios / ITV

Postcode Lottery

ITV Studios

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