All of our in-house team work out on location as well.  Whether you want the reassurance of the technician who prepped the kit out on the job, or whether you just want all all of your crew to be managed and booked by us to ease the stress and paperwork – we can help.

Lighting Camera

Sometimes you just need a single camera operator with a van packed full of lighting for any eventuality.  Whether it’s a sit-down interview or a run-and-gun documentary – we have some great crew fit for any job.

Sound Recordist

We work with some absolutely brilliant sound recordists nationwide, all with a wealth of technical knowledge and experience.  If you need someone who can manage tons of mics and sound assistants or a jolly recordist who can mic up talent and contributors whilst making a couple of jokes, we can supply the right team for the job.

Camera Operators

On jobs where we’ve supplied multiple cameras we can also help with crewing operators if required.  We work with a mixture of in-house and freelance operators, all of whom have worked on some massive shows.  If you need a junior operator or a shooting assistant to help with budgets then just let us know.

Camera Assistants

The best camera assistants are attentive, hard working, and always ready for any challenge, and we think our in-house assistants have got that in spades!  As every single one of our camera assistants also works in the kit room prepping jobs and maintaining equipment, their knowledge is extensive across cameras, lenses, grip, and sound (yes sound too!).  They can be on hand to help with any problems, wrangle media at the end of the day and shoot second camera if required.

Full Production

Over the years we’ve developed into a complete package service.  That means we can provide the crew, the cameras, the lighting, the galleries, the vehicles, and even the coffee machines to shoots whether its in a studio or out in the countryside.  We can work with you right from the start to offer budget friendly options to facilitate an entire production.  Just get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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