Aputure F10 Glass Fresnel Lens Modifier

Apature F10 Fresnel for the Aputure LS 600x Pro and LS1200d


Aputure F10 10-in Bowens Mount Glass Fresnel Lens Modifier.
The Aputure F10 Fresnel is the first industry-standard 10-inch Fresnel made for modular Bowens Mount fixtures. With its wide 250mm (9.84in.) glass Fresnel, the F10 both immensely intensifies the output of a point-source LED, but also results in a quality of light lighting technicians will find similar to a Tungsten 5K or Studio 2K.

  • Aputure F10 Fresnel Carry Case
  • Aputure F10 Barn Doors

Fresnel Lens Diameter 250mm / 9.843in
Accessory Slot Diameter 332.88mm / 13.106in
Accessory Mount Bowens Mount
Output Increase (w/ LS 600d Pro) 340%
Dimensions (Collapsed / Flood 45°) 346*340.46*172.48mm / 13.622*13.404*6.79in
Dimensions (Extended / Spot 15°) 346*340.46*250.35mm / 13.622*13.404*9.856in
Dimensions (Carrying Bag) φ390*H190mm / φ15.354*H7.480in
Weight (F10 Fresnel) 3850g / 8.488lbs
Weight (Carrying Bag) 1800g / 3.968lbs

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