ARRI Daylight Compact 1.2K HMI

ARRI 1.2 Kw Daylight Compact HMI


A daylight balanced 1.2kW MSR Head with improved light quality and output, producing flatter and more even field. Whether it is ARRI, Desisti or Filmgear, these 1.2k’s are carefully optimised for short focal length lenses, giving an ultra-smooth performance at very high output levels, over the widest beam angle range. The highly efficient HMI light source is particularly convenient for use on location to fill shadows in exteriors and to light within day-lit interiors, for its colour temperature blends well with daylight. As the HMI lamp is a compact point source, its light produces sharp, well-defined shadows.

  • Arri1.2 HMI Daylight 1200
  • Arri 575/1200 Ballast
  • 575/ 1.2 Arri Header Cable

Colour Temp: 5600K
Lens Ø: 175mm
Lamp Type: HMI 1200 W/SE
Ballasts: Electronic flicker-free, 1200/575W
Dimensions: 385mm x 330mm x 326mm
Weight: 10kg
Accessories: Colour Frame, 4-Leaf Barndoor

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