Atomcube RX7

Atomcube RX7 LED camera light


Pilotcine Atomcube RX7 portable RGBWW lamp is a multi-functional 18W colour-changing lamp with RGB control function. All luminaires are CNC machined with aircraft-grade aluminium with heat dissipation fin shapes.

The RX7 is suitable to be installed on your camera, about 5.4 x 3.3inches, easy to carry in a handbag or your pocket. Its bi-Colour/RGB combination lighting components help you explore creativity. Variable brightness 2500 to 8500K kelvin temperature range with neutral colour adjustment with 0 to 100% dimming. In RGB mode, the light allows selecting colours in the entire colour range from 0 to 360°, you can control the saturation and brightness and in RGBDT mode, you can independently adjust five colours, any colour you want.

In the colour temperature mode, the dimming of the light ranges from 0 to 100%; RX7’s 196 LEDs reaches 2100 lumens@0.5m, and in the colour temperature mode, it has a high CRI of 95 and a high TLCI 99, which can achieve excellent accuracy of colour rendering.

The RX7 has 15 scene modes for quick access to different effects, while the Custom FX mode provides 6 groups that’s customized to create unique outputs and effects. The free CUBERSYNC app for iOS and Android provides control of lighting settings and functions, which allows you to control one or more lights individually or in groups. This lamp has a new generation of Mesh technology, allowing up to 65535 lamps to extend the Bluetooth range. RX7’s OTA function provides fast and easy firmware update through Cubersync to maintain the latest and best functional experience.

The new MESHSYNC feature allows each device operates as a master and directly sync with multiple other device or group without application program. When using a 100% brightness lamp, the built-in battery can last for more than 2.5 hours, and it takes about two hours to fully charge the battery. The fixture has 4 1/4″-20 threaded mounting holes and an integrated cold shoe. The built-in OLED display shows you the remaining battery power, mode and dimming information. PD3.0 is provided through the USB Type-C port. Fast charging mode charges the internal battery. It also has a TYPE A output port to provide power to external devices.

  • USB Cable Type A to C
  • Diffuser
  • Hotshot Mount Adapter
  • Portable bag

Max power : 18W
CRI: up to 95 /TLCI: up to 99
Lumen: 2100 Lux (0.5m)
Colour Temperature: 2500~8500K with G/M adjustment.
Charging Interface: 5V/12V, Type-C PD Charging.
Built-in lithium battery (7.4V 4000mAh)
Working time per charge: up to 2.5 hours (full power)
Dimming level: 0-100
RGB colour gamut: 0-360 full colour
Lighting mode: CCT , HSI , RGBWW , GEL , CIE1931
15 Default Special Effects
6 Customise editable Special Effects
Bluetooth Mesh 2.0 Control system
Supported Cubersync APP (iOS, Android)
Body Material: Aviation aluminium
Weight: 302g / 0.65lb
Dimensions: 138 x 84 x 17mm / 5.4 x 3.3 x 0.7”

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