Atomos Ultrasync One


Super compact. Lightweight. The flexibility to configure as a transmitter timecode server or as a receiver client device. The battery life allows a run time to easily last the longest shooting day. Integrating the most features to enable advanced timecode and sync options for multicamera workflows. UltraSync ONE is the smallest and most cost-effective, RF-powered wireless timecode and genlock/wordclock solution on the market.

With 25 hours battery life from a single charge – that’s with RF, genlock and the OLED display all running at full capacity – the UltraSync ONE is guaranteed to last a full shooting day. And even with all this extra power, it’s still unbelievably small and light.

  • 2 x DIN to BNC cable (per unit)
  • 1 x USB-C cable for charging (per unit)
  • 1 x USB hub for charging 6 units

1 x LTC out
1 x Genlock out

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