Sanken COS-11D P48 Lavalier Microphone


The Sanken COS-11D is a professional-grade lavalier microphone designed for broadcast and film applications. With its omnidirectional polar pattern, the COS-11D captures sound from all directions, making it ideal for capturing natural and ambient sounds. Its compact size and easy-to-hide design make it a popular choice for use in film and television production, as well as live events.

The microphone features a durable construction and a wide frequency response, ensuring clear and natural sound quality. The Sanken COS-11D is a versatile and reliable choice for any professional audio application.

  • Sanken WS-11 Metal Windscreen for Sanken Cos 11
  • Sanken RM-11 Rubber Mount for Sanken Cos 11
  • HC-11 Tie Clip for Sanken Cos 11
  • Hard Plastic Case for Sanken Cos 11

XLR Connector

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