Highly sensitive, full-frame image sensor in an tiny body.


The FX6 Cinema Line Camera puts revolutionary compactness and performance in the hands of creators, with its full-frame image sensor and breathtaking sensitivity. Leading-edge movie functions deliver game-changing performance and a library of cinematic looks, alongside pro interfaces and an electronic Variable ND Filter.

  • 1x Sony ILME-FX6 Camera body
  • 1x Metabones EF to E Cine Smart Adapter
  • 1x Sony FX6 LCD
  • 1x Sony Viewfinder Loupe For FX6 / FX9
  • 1x Sony LCD Viewfinder Hood
  • 1x Sony FX6 Top Handle
  • 1x Vocas Top Plate for Sony FX6
  • 1x Vocas FX6 Adjustable Grip Kit
  • 1x Sony FX6 Remote Grip
  • 1x Vocas USBP-15 Shoulder Plate
  • 1x VCT Plate
  • 2x 15mm bars
  • 1x Audio Technica AT875R Top Mic
  • 1x Sony MDR-ZX310 Stereo Headphones
  • 3x Sony 160GB CF Express Type A
  • 1x Sony CFExpress Type A Card Reader
  • 3x Hawk-Woods BP-75UX Battery
  • 1x Swit S-3602U 2-CH Sony BP-U Charger
  • 1x Camrade Raincover for FX6
  • 1x Orca OR-12 Camera Bag

Weight: 890g (body only)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 114 x 116 x 153 mm(body only)
Media: CF express Type A / SD card (x2)

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