Sony UWP-D P40 Wireless Plug On Transmitter & Receiver Kit


Powerful plug-on transmitter with phantom power.

This kit allows a traditional gun mic such as the Sennheiser 416 or Rode NTG3 to become a wireless boom, reducing the risk of cables on location.

  • Sony UTX-P40 Plug-on Transmitter
  • Sony URX-P40 Portable Single Receiver
  • 8x 2800mAh AA Battery – Rechargeable
  • AA Battery Charger

Analog Input:
3.5-mm diameter 3-pole locking mini jack (unbalanced)

Audio Output level:
–60 dBV (3.5-mm diameter 3-pole locking mini jack, analog output)
–20 dBFS (external connection, digital output)
–50 dBV (external connection, analog output)

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