Tram TR50 Lavalier Microphone (Sennheiser)


The Tram TR50 is a professional-grade omnidirectional lavalier microphone designed for use in television, film, and broadcast production. With its small size and unobtrusive design, the TR50 is an excellent choice for capturing high-quality audio in a variety of settings, from interviews and dialogue scenes to live events and performances.

The TR50 features a wide frequency response and a high sensitivity, allowing it to capture clear, natural-sounding audio with excellent detail and clarity. Its omnidirectional pickup pattern ensures that it captures sound equally from all directions, making it ideal for capturing dialogue and other sound sources with a wide range of movement.

These are wired with a 3.5mm connector for Sennheiser radio mics.

  • Tram TR50 Foam Windshield
  • Tram TR-50 LMC C-Mount Universal Lav Mount Without Vempire Clip
  • Tram LMC C-Mount TR Lav Mount with Vampire Clip
  • Tram Vampire Pin Lav Holder
  • Tram TR-50 Tie Bar with Alligator Clip
  • Tram TR-50 Tie Tac
  • Tram TR-50 Tape Down
  • Tram TR-50 Hard Case

Type: Omni-directional electret condenser
Frequency Response: 40 – 16,000 Hz
Wired for: Sennheiser (3.5mm jack)

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