Vaxis Storm 3000 TX/RX Kit

Up to 1 km transmission with 0ms second delay.


The Vaxis Storm 3000 Wireless HDMI/SDI kit incorporates cutting-edge wireless video transmission technology, enabling the transmission of high-definition video signals with remarkable precision and zero delays. This kit consists of a transmitter and a receiver, with the transmitter offering both 3G/HD SDI and HDMI inputs, while the receiver includes 3G/HD SDI and HDMI outputs.

The wireless HD system features two flexible blade antennas on the transmitter side and five on the receiver side. It operates within the 5.1-5.9GHz frequency band and can be easily configured to different licensed or ISM bands for various global regions. Both the transmitter and receiver sport control panels with OLED displays on their side panels, offering up to 10 usable frequency channels and support for a maximum of 10 concurrent setups.

It’s versatile in terms of power input, accommodating a wide range of DC power sources, including various camera battery models. It also boasts impressive resilience with ±8 kV ESD (HBM, contact discharge) protection, and its robust metal casing and heat management design ensure exceptional reliability in demanding shooting environments.

  • 1x Storm 3000-TX Transmitter
  • 1x Storm 3000-RX Receiver (V-LOCK battery plate), additional available on request
  • 8x Blade antennas (SMA female)
  • 2x 7 Inch Noga
  • 2x DC Power Line
  • 2 x BNC Cable
  • 1x Peli Case
Outdoor Max Distance 1000m
Delay 0s
Frequency 5G ISM 40MHz
Video Format 1080p 24/23.98, 1080p 60/59.94, 1080p 50, 1080i 60/59.94
1080i 50, 1080psf30/29.97, 1080psf24/25/23.98, 720p 60/59.94
720p 50, 576p 60
Working Temperature 0 to 40°C
Video Interface SDI input (BNC female)/ SDI loopou
HDMI Input
Antenna RP-SMA x2 with 5bBi antenna
Power Connector 2-Pin Lemo input
Voltage 6-36V
Dimensions 113 x 69.5 x 27mm
Weight 268g
Video Interface SDI input x2 (BNC female)
1x HDMI output
Antenna RP-SMA x5 with 5bBi antenna
Power Connector 2-Pin Lemo input, integrated V-Lock power input
Voltage 6-36V
Dimensions 94 x 125 x 40mm (including V-Lock mount)
Weight 405g

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