Motorway Cops Series 5

Purple Productions / Channel 5
Production Company: Purple Productions
Broadcaster: Channel 5
Service: Kit Hire / Drone


Enhancing Police Reality TV with Innovative In-Car Minicam Rigs

We are delighted to continue our collaboration with Purple Productions to enhance their hit returning show, Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders, which airs on Channel 5.  The new series moves to Northumbria where we follow the shifts of the North-East’s roads policing unit with adrenaline-packed high-speed chases and incidents across the region.

For this series we developed a brand new in-car minicam rig from the ground-up that could withstand the rigors of police cars travelling at high-speed, whilst still being able to rig and de-rig each day.  The new rig allows for extended record times with the 3 camera rig recording for the entire 12-hour shift without changing the battery or recording media.  We added audio redundancy with multi-track recording of officer radio mics and rig mics with improved limiters and auto-mix.  All recording media is now on fast solid-state disks to allow better ingest times for the DITs. Over the course of the 4-month production, our technicians were available to support the shooting PDs with their minicam rigs and shooting kits.

We also worked closely with post-production hose Core Post to ensure a seamless transition to the new rig with testing in pre-production, allowing the show to start on day one without any delays.

As well as the 3 minicam rigs we also provided 3 full Sony FX6 shooting kits for the PDs, including Sony G-Master lenses and dual radio mic kits.

The brand new series is now available to watch My5.

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