Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders

Purple Productions / Channel 5

Production Company: Purple Productions

Broadcaster: Channel 5

Service: Hire/Drone


Ride along with the officers risking their lives policing Britain’s most dangerous roads. This series follows the police units at the frontline in the fight against crime and disorder, catching those using the streets to break the law; with hazardous high-speed chases and dangerous drivers, their pursuit skills are tested every day.

Working again with our friends at Purple Productions, we have provided all of the PD shooting kits and vehicle mini-cams for the latest series. Having worked closely with Purple since the pilot episode, we continue to develop an innovate on a compact in-car kit that can withstand high-speed pursuits in excess of 150MPH. The rig is powered completely independent of the vehicle and all cameras can be monitored by the producer/director in the passenger seat. In previous series we provided FX9 shooting kits for the PDs, however this year FX6s were chosen due to their small size. Using Sony G-Master lenses and Sony dual radio mic systems, the PDs were able to stay as lightweight as possible without compromising on quality.

We also provided in-house drone operator Daniel Spencer-Purvis to shoot GVs above some of Cheshire’s busiest motorways and roads.

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