Dragonfly North / BBC

Production Company: Dragonfly North

Broadcaster: BBC One

Service: Hire


In January 2023 we were privileged to facilitate the BAFTA award-winning series Ambulance, as the team at Dragonfly North returned to the North West, to follow the important work of the ambulance service during a historical time of deep uncertainty for our NHS.

Despite reaching an impressive twelfth series, the standards for making the programme remain as high as ever and began with a detailed planning meeting with Dragonfly’s Production Team to work out how we could innovate and bring a fresh take on the established format.

Across the series, we supplied a total of 11 Sony FX9 & FX6 cameras, as well as a host of Sony G-Master zoom and prime lenses, plus a staggering 76 radio mics. Working closely with the team, we built 4 custom audio rigs for 32 of the radio mic channels used for recording the staff in the control room.

During the 12-week filming period, we implemented a dedicated team of skilled crew to work alongside Dragonfly, who were on hand to provide support to all directors, at any time. Prior to filming, we hosted a one-day training session at our MediaCity office to allow directors time for familiarisation of the kit, while troubleshooting common issues that could occur.

The series was a huge success, reaching an audience of nearly 3 million week-on-week. As a Manchester-based company, we were incredibly proud to be involved in such a successful regional production, made on home turf.

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