Trauma Room One

Renegade Stories / Channel 5

Production Company: Renegade Stories

Broadcaster: Channel 5

Service: Hire/Crew


In ‘Trauma Room One’ viewers will see patient stories from cutting-edge robotic spinal surgery to urgent stroke interventions, all led by leading staff at the specialist Walton Centre in Liverpool. The 8-part series starts on Wednesday 25 October 2023.

Lens Flare TV provided two Sony FX6 shooting kits for the 11 week shoot in Liverpool, The shooting PDs used Sony G-Master lenses and dual radio mic kits.  We also provided a specialist head mounted camera which the brain and spinal surgeons wore during surgeries to give the viewer a unique POV glimpse into their world.

We also provided crew to the series, with in-house DOP Steven Spence shooting the master interviews with the medical staff at The Walton Centre.

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